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Ages & Description of Classes

2.5-4 years old - Creative
5-6 year olds - Ballet/Jazz, Ballet/Tap or Tot Hop
6 year olds and up - Acro, Drama, Art & Piano
7 year olds and up- All styles of Dance, Art, Drama, Music, Voice, Fencing & Acro

CreativeClass offers a mix of the basics of ballet, tap, tumbling and using the wonderful imaginations of our youngest dancers. Dancers will perform 1 dance in our year end musical productions.
Ballet/Jazz or Ballet/Tap - These classes are split into 30 minutes of ballet and jazz or tap.  Students will learn a full ballet barre and the basics of jazz/tap.  Dancers will perform 1 dance in our year end musical production.
Jazz - A social dance style blending steps from different cultures.
Ballet - A classical dance form using grace and precision to tell a story or express and idea.
Tap - This style is characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion.
Acro - Combines classical dance technique and precision acrobatic elements.
Tot Hop & Hip Hop - A fusion dance genre with influences from older street dance styles.
Modern - A creative type of dance that is contemporary in form and uses abstract movements to portray ideas, feelings etc.
Art - This class focuses on different art techniques including shadowing, texturing, etc, while using water colors, acrylics and other art mediums.  Our art students help design and build props for our year end musical production
Drama - This class uses a written work to tell as story through action and speech.  These students will work on memorization and projection.
Fencing - Olympic style fencing is the art or sport of using a foil in attack or defense.

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